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I have feelings about "The Reichenbach Fall", people. Some positive, some negative, but they are FEELINGS.

What I loved about this episode:

1. The use of "Reichenbach Fall". In AGoS, Reichnbach Fall was an actual place. In here, it's a plotpoint painting. It's the starting point. BRILLIANT.

2. How current the setting of this series is. I'm sure that in 20 years, people who watch this show will giggle at the paparazzi scenes, the tabloid headlines and the iPhone sounds, but it really is meticulously set NOW, making it almost plausible for men like Sherlock and Mycroft to exist as I write this. No doubt some people out there with similar brain prowess do, but maybe they're not addicted to nicotine patches or busy running countries from a quiet room in a gentlemen's club.

3. I've held this long, give me a break: MARTIN FREEMAN AND BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH. YOU ARE MY FAVORITES. MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITES. My god. The last two scenes. When Sherlock jumped, my breath stuttered in my lungs and my heart stopped beating. And then Martin Freeman's acting happened and I was dumped into an emotional heave I don't experience unless I'm about to get my period. YES, IT WAS THAT GUT-PUNCHING. MY OVARIES CLENCHED, PEOPLE.

3.5. How ridiculous that I should react that way (and there was definitely a part of my brain saying that), considering season 3 was announced and how the book itself goes, but those particular moments were SO WELL MADE. That was some damn good television right there.

4. Molly Hooper. Molly Hooper is fucking AWESOME, you guys. Because she knew something was wrong before everyone else around Sherlock did, and because of that Sherlock totally let her in and she totally fucking arranged for the Sherlock corpse while he was rushed into THE WORLD'S MOST SECRET OP ROOM. Molly Hooper is amazing, y'all.

Things I did not like about this episode at all:

1. Moriarty. Sorry, this has to be addressed first. I think this Moriarty royally fucking SUCKS (sucked?). It's not just the actor, or rather, it's mostly not the actor. That guy was miscast, but if he had decent appearances in other things, I won't hold it against him. But the way Moriarty was written, acted and directed is just fucking awful. He is too young, TOO YOUNG, too brash, impulsive and downright chaotic to BE a good Moriarty. Mind you, I'm going with the Ritchie view here, but he wasn't off the mark with his Moriarty so whatever. I see this guy and I don't believe he could be the mastermind playing psychological topsy turvy with everyone around him, Sherlock included. Not to mention the series has more than once led its viewers to believe that Moriarty was actually an organization, rather than an actual man. Now, in a current setting of Sherlock, I would've totally, TOTALLY bought the notion of Moriarty being a super-organization of insanely smart criminals out for the Holmses. I don't buy THIS Moriarty, who looks and acts like a cheap rip off from Heath Ledger's Joker.

1.5. And if we're on a Nolan-y note, can we not with the mind ploys? It reeks of people too watching "Inception" too many times. It takes one to know one, Moffat et Gatiss. Busted.

1.75. Also, the whole fugitive scene could've played to the soundtrack of the end of The Dark Knight. STOP LIVING UP NOLAN'S ASS, MOFFAT. That's the fans' job.

2. Sgt Donovan. Because every Molly Hooper apparently needs an opposite mega-bitch in the form of Donovan, a woman so vindictive and obtuse, she falls into Moriarty's inception shit hook, line and sinker. And really, this just reeks of outright misogyny, people. Is Anderson looking that angrily stupid? He's Donovan's accomplice, after all. No. It's Donovan who comes out of this looking like a hateful woman, and that's after even the Chief Inspector got punched in the face for his words. Fucking Moffat.

3. WHAT THE FUCK DID THEY JUST DO TO MYCROFT HOLMES. If you look at this episode at face value, Mycroft Holmes just had a character assassination. He's been portrayed as a weak, emotional man who's unable to outsmart the likes of Moriarty, even though he's the British government AND the CIA on the side. YEAH RIGHT. AND he let Moriarty go. Since I never watch Sherlock at face value, and always, always assume there are at least 2 behind-the-scenes games we don't get to know about (rule of thumb: "Sherlock" is the anti-Ocean's Eleven. We don't see the play-by-play unless Sherlock chooses to do that), I'm also assuming that Mycroft let Moriarty out as some sort of deal with someone. Before watching this episode, I thought he let Moriarty out because he believed he would eventually lead to the real Moriarty; the one who unleashed this psychopathic, obsessed dog on Mycroft's younger brother.


4. The soundtrack choices: "The Thieving Magpie" and "Sinnerman" are two of the most frequently used music tracks in movie/tv history. FFS the Rossini track was spoofed in Tropic Thunder! Also that was one use too many of "Staying Alive". It was a stroke of genius the first time, but now it was just boring bordering on annoying. It actually contributed to my general annoyance about Moriarty.

4.5 Oh god, and the scene with the Crown Jewels was ridiculously overdone.

Things I'm meh about:

1. Lestrade.

2. The press-turning-on-you, this-is-a-Grimm-fairytale, you-have-no-friends-Sherlock plot. Too expected.

3. Mrs. Hudson.

4. The assassins-are-your-neighbors-John plot.

5. The kids being poisoned with mercury so they react the right way. Blah.

In conclusion: half-GRRRRRzzzzzzzz, half-OH MY GOD GLASS CASE OF EMOTIONS. That's "Sherlock" for you.

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